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Good evening, folks! Right now, i will make a film review about one of my favorite movies. It's Joy. This film is about drama and biography. Joy came out in December 2015 and has a 6,6/10 rating. The duration of this film is about 124 minutes and it took 60 millions dollars to make this film!

The casts of Joy are Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Edgar Ramirez, and many more. My favorite one is Jennifer Lawrence because she has so many experience of being an artist and she also has very good performances in every films that she played.

Now, let's take a look :

First, Joy is a film that directed by David O.Russell. This movie tells a story about the life journey of a housewife who came from Long Island, namely Joy Mangano. Be a single mom surely need a sacrifice, where she has to take care of her two children and also has to keep her house safe and comfortable for her children. The other side, Joy has to work really hard because her ex-husband is unreliable.

David O.Russell

Joy's life was complicated. When she was a little, she had a talent to make some stuffs. Her father, Rudy, has a truck workshop. Her grandmother ( the narator of this film) pushed her to reach her dreams in the future. While her mother only busied in her bedroom, watching her favorites opera film all day. 

Be an adult, somehow Joy felt that her dreams were getting futher. She faced two divorces, first, her mother and father divorce. She split up from her half-sister, Peggy, who followed her father. While she had to be with her mother and grandmother. She was married in the young age and had 2 children from a Venezuelan man, named Anthony. At the end, they divorced but Anthony still stayed in her basement house for 2 years.

Joy and her daughter

One day, Rudy returned to Joy's house. He wanted to stay again for a while because he broke up with his girlfriend. Her mother and father had argues for the second time. Joy gave divider and asked them to not act like that again. Joy had a work at airport as an air ticketing officer.

But, her nightmares kept coming. She was fired from her job. In the situation that full of pressures, she got nightmares from her childhood. Little Joy asked Joy to go back and reach her dreams, make some goods/stuffs, like she was used to do. When she woke up, she directly asked her father to move. She explained her father to sacrifice for herself like he has used to do when Joy was a little and cancelled to go to college because she had to be an accuntant in her father's workshop. She also asked Anthony to move, because it wasn't normal that her ex-husband was still stayed at her house.They initially refused, but Joy insisted and finally they moved.

Accompanied by her daughters, Joy drew her new invention. She successfully made a modern mop, named Miracle Pop. Her steps weren't easy, because the factory told her that they had the same design with her. They asked Joy to give them the royalties. Rudy and his girlfriend, Trudy became the investors of that mop doubtfully. There were so many people who rejected, because the mop cost 20 dollars and they thinked it was too expensive.

 Because of her husband's help, Joy was delivered to meet the CEO of CVC, a big company that manage Walmart, named Neil Walker. At the first,he didn't accept it seriously. But, Joy asked for a chance to introduce her mop in front of Neil. Joy exhibited how her mop was made from soft coton that absorbs water, could be dried automatically (without touching it), and also could be removed to be washed in the washing machine.

Neil Walker

Neil was impressed and agreed to promote Joy's products on TV Home Shopping. He asked Joy to prepare 50 thousands mops. By all means, including by mortgaging her house, Joy successfully made 50 thousands mops. But, the person who advertise her mops didn't do it well. So, there was no any phone from customers.

Joy stressed, but she didn't want to give up. She came to Neil and begged him to make Joy could show on TV. Finally, Neil agreed. He reminded Joy that there were many lights and it would be difficult for her who had never done it before.

------------------ spoiler alert ------------------

I won't tell you the whole story, just watch it by yourself 😁
As for a recommendation, I enjoyed this film and i think it's inspirational too.
Happy Watching!

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