Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Happy New Year, folks! I hope this year will be so fine to all of us. So, what's your resolution in this year? Slim? Boyfriend? Good score? Well, whatever what you want to do in this year, I pray that we all can accept that  together. 

This time, I will write about my nothing-to-do time during December. Seriously, I think my holiday isn't sumptuous as the other people. But, uniquely, I got many experiences and moral values during that time. Are you curious?

Let's begin :

First, it's normal for me to spend a lot of my time at home. My mom and i spent our time to watched movies. For me, it could bring our closer and got to know each other better. Then, I played my guitar, sang my favorite songs, ate many junk foods, and... read a few textbooks. I'm not a typical of human that can be very free in my life, especially in holiday. My friends oftentimes said to me, "Relax", "Let's go to blablabla", "Do you want to go to mall blablabla". Every person has their own life, own responsibilites, and own problems. It's just us to manage all the things together and find out the best solution for that. And for me, have so much time with family is better than spend our money to shopping or hangout in mall or some other luxurious places. 

While I was at home, I spent a lot of time with my family,especially when we had a Christmas!
We made a Christmas tree, made so many tasty cookies, bought some clothes, and shared our happiness together. We had many worship in our Church, we sang, and exchanged greetings to our neighbors.

New Year's Eve came. We prayed in Church for blesses. 2016 was filled with a lot of happiness and sadness. I hope 2017 will be my year where I can develop myself to be a better person in every single day. To celebrate the New Year's Eve, me and my family were having a party in Papandayan Hotel. The hotel isn't far from my house. There, we had a music event, dinner together, he countdown! There was a big screen where we could see the clock. After that, we could blew our trompets!! YUHU. It was so exiting and a little bit noisy. Unforgettable experince, I guess. :) Everyone said 'Happy New Year' to one each other and also sent message/called their families. We took some photos for documentation and because I was already sleepy, we went back home.

In the next day, we woke up at 10 o'clock because we didn't have enough time to sleep. My dad cook for us and we had our breakfast together. Then, I watched some movies in HBO , Fox Crime, and the last was Food Network because I love watching people cook. After that, I decided to read my science books and did some exercises. My goal this year is having a better score and be a diligent student. YEaH!!!

On January 3rd 2017, my family and i went to Jakarta to had a small vacation. It took 3 hours to get there. We slept in IBIS Hotel Cikini Jakarta. Actually, my father had a bussines there so my sister, my mother, and I stayed in the hotel to took some rest. After all the things have done, we all went to Baji Pamai Restaurant at Kelapa Gading street to ate our favorite noodle. It was so yummy and satisfying. Can't wait to get back there soon!

In the next morning, my dad continued his bussiness at 8 o'clock. After that, my mother, my sister and I went to KFC because we had no idea where we would go. Since, our car was being used by my father, we looked for BAJAJ. I think it was fun and so oriental. After we reached the KFC, we ate and had some talks. Our stomach was already fulfilled and we continued our journey to PLANETARIUM JAKARTA. It's located at Jl.Cikini Raya No.73. I already visited this place when i was 7/8 years old. 

Unfortunately, the place was full of people and there wasn't a ticket anymore. It was too bad. But, we still could take some photos inside the museum. There were some miniature about spaceship, horoscope, outer space, space object's histories, and many more. I think some cities should build a place like this because it was very useful for kids and also adults.

After that, we walked around Taman Ismail Marzuki to took some aunthentic photos for my instagram. HEHE. Since our foot were already hurt and the weather was so hot, we looked for the shade and we found 7 ELEVEN!. Thank God. My sister and I bought two cold Ovaltines. Then we sat while my mother was having a call with her friend. 

We were so tired so we decided to back to the hotel and chilled ourself up. My mother was slept, my sister was slept, and there was me, watching the television. I am a movies enthusiast. 

At the end of the day, my family and i went back to Bandung and had a Burger King at km 101.

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