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Good evening, lovely readers! It's been awhile since I posted. I would like to apologize because I had so many assignments and activities to do. So, today I will tell a little bit of my story during in Thailand. Let's peek!

First of all, it was all started because of my teacher, Mrs.Ida. On early February, she offered a 1 month- study program in Thailand, called 2B-KMUTT Summer Camp to my class. At first, I didn't  put my interest so much into it. I just like "Ohhh, that's good" But then, I didn't know why some of my friends registered themselves into it and also my mother somehow asked me, "Why don't you join it too?? Just try it, your friends already prepared the forms and everything" Here it comes.. So, as a good daughter, I obeyed what my mother said and I opened the link for registration. As I opened it, there were some requirements that I had to fulfill such as, Application Form, Letter from Guardian, Curriculum Vitae (CV), Personal Letter of Motivation, and many more. I was kinda lazy because like damn why it was so complicated. But, I still kept doing it and yup I registered myself to 2B-KMUTT Camp. Yiipie!

I wasn't so ambitious about it, I mean if I failed, it's okay. But, as I thinked about it more deeply like maybe I could alittle bit made myself get escaped from this reality and gained some new experiences out there. So, I prayed that I could get accepted and hoped for the best.

By the way, 2B-KMUTT Camp is a program that was held by King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), one of the best university in Thailand. They want to look for some potential students in Asia and gather them in a camp to study about their future job or even feel the atmosphere of being a college student. Every year,2B-KMUTT Camp will be promoted in many countries in Asia. Beside of that, in this program we can choose what faculty that we want to learn about and I chose Civil Engineering.

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Maybe 1/2 weeks later, the announcement came. At first, I didn't know that bcs I was in the canteen but as I went back to my class.... Ziyad (my friend) told me that we both were get accepted! YEAYY! I was almost screaming at that time and I was so happy because both of us could make it. There were 6 students from SMAN 3 Bandung.

But, there was only 1 step more. We had to do the Interview. We were using Skype and the Staff from Admission would video call us. We were all in the Computer Lab and prepared our laptop, internet connection, and of course ourselves too. We were so nervous because we couldn't imagine what they would ask about. We were also guided by our English teacher, Mrs. Wiwin. She helped us to prepared everything for interview. So, the first interviewer was Diva. Me and the others were standing in front of her laptop, listening how the they asked Diva some questions. After we heard it, we thinked that it wasn't so diffucult and we could do it as long as we did it calmly and clearly.

A few days later, the second announcement showed up. I successed!! I was so happy and grateful at the same time. I checked it on my email and the website. It was truee. But, unfortunately, two of us couldn't make it. So, there were just 4 from SMAN 3 Bandung and 5 from Indonesia. By the way, there were also some students from Vietnam and Phillipines. I couldn't wait to see them! :)

Our teacher, Mrs.Ida, the one who would accompanied us during in Thailand. She told us some regulations that we had to follow and what we had to bring. She also explained about the schedules and activities during this Camp. After that, We made two appointments, for parents & the Headmaster and Pre-Departure.

A day before departure, my beloved classmates and I went to Upnormal Riau to have lunch together and also said goodbye to one another. I was sad bcs I knew that I would miss them so much :') But, we supported each other and hoped the best for us. We also took some pictures together, with weird accessories. 💕

- flight to Thailand-

Finally, we arrived in Thailand! The flight was nice and quite long... But, nevermind we loved to be here and we immediately went to get our baggage and checked our passport. First impression, THAILAND WAS VERY HOT! We were still in the airport and the line was still long. It was crowded and we had been waited for about an hour 😲 It was hotter than Jakarta, I guess.

After that, we went to meet the Staff at the 1st floor. We was surprised because we also met the students from Vietnam!!💓 We were so shy to talk to each other but fortunately the Staffs made like a mini-games, we had to remember all of the names of Staffs and students ( Indonesians and Vietnamies). In Thailand, the nickname for older brother or sister, we can use 'P'. So, if the name is Fah, it will be P'Fah. Actually, Thai's names are diffult to pronounce. But it seems that they have their own short name. It will make easier for us to call them.

From the airport, finally we went to King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) by using a bus. Along the way, Indonesians and Vietnamies talked to each other :
'Hey, what's your name?'
'How old are you'
'What grade are you in?'
'What's your plan for the project?'
'What's your department?'
We were talking so many things and made some jokes too. My friend, Amira actually brought Dodol from Indonesia and shared it to all of us, included Vietnamies and Thais. Their reactions were funny too. Some of them liked it but the rest thinked that it was weird. When I looked outside the window, I saw Thailand for the first time and I thought Thailand is similiar to Jakarta, except the wheather.

We arrived at KMUTT at 6pm. There were so many colloge students there. Of course. We were asked to sit at the Resident Area, the central place of KMUTT and waited for the others. We met so many staffs and I thought their faces were really good and unique. We were a little bit confused because they were talking in Thai languange fastly.

After all, I really enjoy my short-study in Thailand. It's sad that we have to leave each other. But we're grateful because we made good memories and a lot of friends from another countries. I hope that we will not forget each other and we can meet someday. Thank God, I applied to this camp, because everything is memoriable and so precious for me. Beside that, 2B-KMUTT Students will get a scholarship if we want to apply for next year to study in KMUTT. Nice.

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