Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Let's Peek!


Bonjour,gorgeous! I'm back xD. Right now, I will share to you about my unforgettable experience. So, it was happened when i was at 9 grade. My family and I went to Toraja. Toraja is located in Makassar, South Sulawesi. We chose to go there because we wanted to visit my grandma. It is my hometown. My family and I sometimes spent our holiday there. Especially when it was school holiday or Christmast. So, follow my story trip to Toraja!!!

When I arrived in Makassar, I met my grandma at Sultan Hasanuddin  that already waiting for us. I miss my grandma so much :'(. After that, we were looking for food because my stomach was growling :') and since i really miss the foods in Makassar.

We got Ikan Bakar Makassar and Coto Makassar. Both of them are typical cuisines from Makassar.

ikan bakar : grilled fish served with 'sambal belimbing sayur', 

coto makassar : The food is made from offal (entrails) veal braised in a long time. Offal and beef stew is then sliced and seasoned with herbs formulated specifically. Coto was served in a bowl and eaten with a 'ketupat' ( rhombus ) and 'burasa'.

I glad that that foods are avaiable in Bandung. You can find them in Sop Konro Marannu, R.E Martadinata Street No.189, Bandung. ( sorry for the advertisement hehe). But, seriously, it tasted really goodd.xx

back to the topic 

After i fulfilled my stomach, we started our journey to Toraja. You know what? Trip to Toraja took 7-8 hours and it was sooooo long for God's sake :"). But it's okay cause i know that everything would be interesting after we arrived there. Along our way, my mom talked everything to my grandma. From how our daily routines in Bandung, my father's work, education, gossip, anddd many more. You want to know what i did? Yes, i was just like listen to my Ipod ( thank God i have it) and answered to several question from my mom and my grandma. I had a headache because of the travel sickness and winding road.

- my grandma's house from afar-

8 hours was over and we arrived at Toraja!!!! ( my grandma's house too)
We got a place here in the middle of the night and that was so cold bruhh. I felt like i was in Korea ( do you know when it's a winter and there's smoke come from your mouth like a scene of Korean Drama) It is called condensation in science.

^ that's exactly me, sorry im so bopung or something

After that, i got into my grandma's comfy home. Ohh damn i miss that house. But, i was so sleepy and i slept. 

In the next morning, i woke up with a brand new smile and the sunshine illuminated the room.( very different in town, so sad) I decided to make a glass of milk and sit at the terrace. The scenery was very beautiful bcs there are some 'Rumah Tongkonan' in front of me. 

Rumah Tongkonan, stunning right?
But don't think Rumah Tongkonan as a supernatural kind of thing. It actually built to respect the ancestors. Besides of that, it can used for an icon for Makassar, escpecially Toraja.

The very special thing about my trip was visited "Yesus Memberkati" statue in Makale, Toraja. My grandma, my sister, and I were prayed there and hoped that our life will get better and better. That was so emotional and i felt so grateful that i could get there and raised my prayers. The statue has a height of 30 meter and 20 meter jib. Uniquely, the statue has a slope of 20 degrees.

-"Yesus Memberkati" statue-


-the panorama scene from the top-

Actually, my mother backed home earlier than us. So, there were me and my sister and we had to back to Bandung by ourselves. It was the first time that we boarded the plane together without our parents. The funny moment when we couldn't find our Terminal when the plane was about to leave. We were so confused and walked from one terminal to another. It was tiring, really. We just bought a Roti Boy and ate it in the plane. We had have turbulence and we're scared to death lol. We were arm in arm and prayed, but we're still laugh too ( there's something wrong with us ). But, Thank God, we could arrive in Husein Sastranegara International Airport, safely.

The holiday gave me a lot of lessons and experience that i haven't done before. The holiday season is also a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us.

I think that's all from me now, cause if i keep writing this, this could be an autobiography. So, don't miss me too much, i'll be back asap. Farewell, gorgeous! xx

My Several Photos During In Toraja

"train your mind to see the good in everything."

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