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“A love for tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril. ” 
― Winston S.Churchill

What's up, folks! Meet me again in our fav blog of all time xD. Tonight, i will share about my experience and impression during Megantara!

First, you have to know what Megantara is. 
Megantara is one of several festival that held by 3 Senior High School Bandung. This event isn't just about entertain the people, but also to shows Indonesia's culture and magnificence.

Megantara is taken from Sanskrit languange and derived from two words. 
Mega and Gantari, by taking the depiction of the archipelago.

The definition of Megantara is " nusantara adalah sinar yang megah "
( archipelago is a magnificent rays )

Previously, we, 3'2019 was invited by 3'2017 to be participants in some committees. There was decoration, logistic, food stand, photography, and many more. My friends and I were agreed to joined in Decoration. There, we made art that could be used to decorate food stand, gate, ticket box, alleyway, and even STAGE! Our senior told us to joined " Gawe " (gathering). It was the time when we, 3019, and some other seniors took part in decorating. Things that we usually do : painting, sawing, and drawing. From this, we could know each other better than before and tighten our generations.

- SKIP -

* H-0 Megantara! *

- Parade was getting started
At 7 am, some of us were attended a parade. Parade is the way to promote and remain our event to other people by walking from Belitung Street to Jawa Street. My friends and I were very full of spirit to did this. In this occassion too, me and my friend, Ira, were holding our picture with theme of piece. We did it in order to fulfill our task in English LM. But not only for that, this was also to showed our respect about peace and freedom.

- made by Indonesia.
-in cooperation with Generation Global.

-looking for inspirations.

- Ira and I after the parade

The gate was opened at 13.30 PM. The visitors were getting crowded too. 
Some of them wanted to ate some foods or played in several stand. The visitors wasn't only from 3 Senior High School. The weather was pretty good, so there weren't obstacles for visitor to enjoyed their every second in Megantara. But sometimes, there were some impish visitors. They were ruined our decorations. Therefore, our dean was ordered us to take care of it by altenating turns.

Guest stars for the show were RAN and The Changcuters. The gazers were really enjoyed their performances. The situation were getting crowded and crowded. Floodlights and shouts from the gazers fulffilled all over the air. Especially when RAN came, the girls was yelling their names
( me too ) xD

At the end of the show, the committee set off the confetti. The scenery was really awesome and we also really proud of our hardwork. After all of this raciness, everyone went home with a big smile on their faces.



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