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"Kakek, apakah cinta itu seperti musik?"
"Ya. Ia seperti musik, tetapi cinta sejati akan membuatmu selalu menari meskipun musiknya telah lama berhenti." - Tere Liye, Berjuta Rasanya

General Information :

  • Published : May 2012
  • Author : Tere Liye
  • Publisher : Mahaka
  • Edition Languange : Indonesian

Review :

Falling in love is millions. Is that right? At least, that's the 'taste' of the various stories that Tere Liye has offered in this collection of short stories.

Berjuta Rasanya consists of 15 short stories, with one single essence : love. Each of these stories has its own 'feel'.  There is a story about the pain of unrequited love, a love story that can change a person's bad traits, to the story of someone who is willing to sacrifice herself in the name of love. 

The book is opened with a short story of 'Bila Semua Wanita Cantik' tells about Vin, who thinks that her body is the one that makes it difficult to get a boyfriend. She often prayed to God to make her beautiful, or else she wanted God to make all women in this world as 'bad' as herself. However, God's answer was beyond Vin's expectations. His answer to the prayer made Vin realize that true love is a love that comes from the heart.

Someone who loves you because of physical, then one day he will also go for that physical reasons. Someone who likes you because of matter, then one day he will also go because of matter. But someone who loves you because of your heart, then he will never leave. Because heart never teaches about the relative size of which one is better or worse.

The next story, 'Hiks, Kupikir Kau Naksir Aku', is a funny short story and I think we all have experienced it as a teenager. It's about Putri, who often feels 'geer' everytime Rio, the boy that she likes, stares at her, waves her hand at her, or just plainly interchanges with her. Sooner or later, this character of this Putri also makes his friend annoyed. In fact, he is only deceived by his own feelings. The truth? What we can say, it is a unrequited love!

"Those who fall in love are sometimes shackled by the illusion that created by their own hearts. She could no longer distinguish which is really real, or which one is the result of the creation of her heart that hiding a longing. Little incidents, enough to please her. Feel as if that's good news. In fact, when she knew it was just a boasting of his feelings, then that's when her heart will fall to pieces. Broken heart then happened. Accused someone of playing with her."

Then, there is the story of a wife who is willing to sacrifice for the healing of her husband, although in the end the husband turned to another woman, in the short story 'Kupu-kupu Monarch'. There is also the story of a young man and girl who are secretly love each other, but they aren't dare to express their feelings, in the short story 'Antara Kau dan Aku'. And there are many other stories in Berjuta Rasanya.

Reading this collection of short stories is like reading the writer's 'heart's contents'. There are stories that are funny, sad, touching, and insinuating. Each short story has its own 'feel' and its own impression so makes us comfortable when reading it. Usually, I like reading books while listening to music. The atmosphere becomes more exciting, especially if the songs accurately describe the content of the story in the book.

May the good understanding comes. That all experience of love and feeling is special. Just as special as ours, no matter how simple it is, as long as it is wrapped with good insights.

It's such a unfortunate to miss this book. Especially if you are a fan of the Tere Liye's works. This book is definitely worth reading!

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

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