Wednesday, December 7, 2016


ciao, everyone! today in this lovely day, i'll share to you about my one of my fav all the times musician, JOHN MAYER! oh my goodness. So, he is a singer, guitarist, and ex-boyfriend of many artists too... pathetic. But, he still GOOD DAMN HANDSOME AS WELL and also multi-talent. His music genres are blues and jazz. He is 39 years old, but it doesn't decrease his handsomeness­čśĆ

i really like his songs a lot. it relaxes me. one of my favorites is No Such Thing. A few days ago, my babe.. no i mean John Mayer release his new song. I already hear that ( of course i do). It sounds really great and i feel a new theme in his new song. By the way, the title is Love On The Weekend.

sassy, right? yeah i know. So, in the of this, i'll give you his top tracks and i suggest you to hear that! don't forget to subscribe his channel on youtube, follow him on spotify, and stay tune on my blog­čĺÖ


  1. love on the weekend
  2. no such thing
  3. your body is a wonderland
  4. hearthbreak warfare
  5. bigger than my body
  6. who says
  7. in your athmosphere
  8. gravity
  9. who you love
  10. vultures

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